How Exercise Keeps Us Purrfectly Healthy

How Exercise Keeps Us Purrfectly Healthy

WZ : Hi, IZA! Have you ever tried exercising?

IZA: Hi, WZ! No, I haven’t. But why is everyone making such a big deal about it?

WZ : It seems that sports have multiple benefits, improving health being one of them. I’ve learned that it makes the body stronger and improves physical fitness.

IZA: But I find sleeping and relaxing much more comfortable than exercising!

WZ : That’s true, but sports help release stress and improve mood as well. Additionally, exercise enhances focus and attention, which helps improve performance in daily activities.

IZA: But how do I know which type of exercise suits me?

WZ : That depends on your interests and physical abilities. You can try different types of sports like walking, swimming, or yoga and see which one suits you best.

IZA: I’ll think about it, thanks for the advice, WZ!

WZ : You’re welcome, IZA! If you decide to start, I’m here to guide you with more information and support.

IZA: Thank you, WZ! I’ll talk to you again when I decide to start exercising.

WZ : Sure, until then, enjoy your rest and deep sleep!



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